Curse of the Crimson Throne

Edge of Anarchy, Part 2

The Box, the Brooch, and the Bedlam

With Gaedren Lamm vanished and his thugs defeated, the party begins to loot the fishery. Sifting through piles of refuse and Gaedren’s room in particular, they find a hat box attracting a swarm of flies. The box emits a powerful aura of magic however, so the party gingerly open it. Inside is the head of Zellara, the seer that had sent them on the quest only a few hours before! Senna gives the head a cursory examination and finds the head to be a little over a week old. Beneath the head is a deck of Harrow cards, which Aishi pockets.

The other notable find is a magnificent golden brooch, encrusted with jewels and displaying a battle between a dragon and a devil. Aishi recognizes the jewelry as belonging to none other than the queen of Korvosa, Ileosa Arabasti.

Returning to the street, the party is shocked to find Korvosa in chaos. Smoke and flames rise in the distance and crowds of rioters run through the streets. Shouts of “The king is dead!” mingle with others crying “Death to the queen! Hang the usurper whore!” A flight of Sable Company Griffin Riders swoops overhead, a wounded member crashing into a nearby statue. A squad of Hellknights stomps down the street, brutally putting down a group of rioters.

The party wends their way through the crowded and dangerous streets, returning to Zellara’s. The inviting home they found before is now an abandoned house. Entering the deserted home, the ghost of Zellara appears, apologizing for her deception. She reveals that her son was murdered by Lamm and his thugs, and when she tried to investigate, they killed her as well. After her death, her spirit somehow became attached to her Harrow deck, her favorite method of fortunetelling. She warns that she has forseen a dark future for Korvosa, but believes that heroes like the party can rise to the challenge and save it.


Koan Koan

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