Curse of the Crimson Throne

Edge of Anarchy, Part 3
Long Live the Queen and All the World's Meat

After leaving Zellara’s home, the party travels to Citadel Volshyenek, the headquarters of the City Guard. Delivering Lamm’s last living henchman, a psychotic gnome named Hookshanks Gruller, our heroes were brought into the office of Field Marshall Cressida Kroft, the leader of the Guard. After berating Viggeri for his vigilante actions, she congratulates the party on unofficially removing Gaedren Lamm from the streets of Korvosa. She also recognizes the brooch carried by Aishi and tells the party that it has been reported as stolen. The queen was offering a hefty reward for its return.

After being debriefed, the party heads to Castle Korvosa, a sinister edifice built upon an ancient pyramid and the seat of the city’s rulers. Telling the guards that they had the queen’s missing brooch, the party is quickly introduced to Sabina Merrin, the queen’s handmaiden and personal bodyguard. Sabina dismisses the guards and leads the party to the throne room.

Queen Ileosa Arabasti, veiled in mourning black, sits on the Crimson Throne, but otherwise, the room is empty. The young queen, her eyes red from crying, apologizes for her appearance and praises the heroes for returning her brooch, describing it as a symbol of hope in these trying times. She urges the party to return to Citadel Volshyenek and offer their services to the City Guard. She believes their example could restore order in the troubled city.

Turning down protection from the Korvosan Guard, the heroes return to the turbulent streets. In the streets, they encounter a diseased mad man, a sky battle between imps and violet housedrakes native to Korvosa, and a young nobleman being threatened by a group of rioters. Alcides steps forward to try and intimidate the thugs into leaving, but it starts a fist fight that the party easily wins. The young noble, Amin Jalento, thanks them for their intervention and offers them a small reward.

Upon returning to the headquarters of the guard, Field Marshall Croft hires the party to capture Verik Vancaskerkin, a deserter that led several of his guardsmen to set up a free butcher’s shop for the poor. The party learns that Vancaskerkin’s men were hiring themselves out as mercenaries called the Cow Hammer Boys. Posing as a potential customer, Aishi hires the men to take care of an ex-husband, giving them the address for Zellara’s house.

The party lay waiting for them. Easily dispatching the two thugs sent, they returned to All the World’s Meat and finished off the remainders, cornering Vancaskerkin in his office and forcing him to surrender. After the fight, Verik explains that he was inspired to desert and rebel by his secret lover, a Vudra woman named Meliya. Looting the butcher shop, they find a mysterious silver dagger, a gift to Verik from Meliya. Oddly, the dagger is magical, but the party could not discern what the magic did.

On their way back to Citadel Volshyenek, the party encounters Grau Soldado, a drunken member of the City Guard. Viggeri recognizes him as highly respected, and so the party agrees to drink with him until he passes out. They bring him back to the Citadel to sober up.

Edge of Anarchy, Part 2
The Box, the Brooch, and the Bedlam

With Gaedren Lamm vanished and his thugs defeated, the party begins to loot the fishery. Sifting through piles of refuse and Gaedren’s room in particular, they find a hat box attracting a swarm of flies. The box emits a powerful aura of magic however, so the party gingerly open it. Inside is the head of Zellara, the seer that had sent them on the quest only a few hours before! Senna gives the head a cursory examination and finds the head to be a little over a week old. Beneath the head is a deck of Harrow cards, which Aishi pockets.

The other notable find is a magnificent golden brooch, encrusted with jewels and displaying a battle between a dragon and a devil. Aishi recognizes the jewelry as belonging to none other than the queen of Korvosa, Ileosa Arabasti.

Returning to the street, the party is shocked to find Korvosa in chaos. Smoke and flames rise in the distance and crowds of rioters run through the streets. Shouts of “The king is dead!” mingle with others crying “Death to the queen! Hang the usurper whore!” A flight of Sable Company Griffin Riders swoops overhead, a wounded member crashing into a nearby statue. A squad of Hellknights stomps down the street, brutally putting down a group of rioters.

The party wends their way through the crowded and dangerous streets, returning to Zellara’s. The inviting home they found before is now an abandoned house. Entering the deserted home, the ghost of Zellara appears, apologizing for her deception. She reveals that her son was murdered by Lamm and his thugs, and when she tried to investigate, they killed her as well. After her death, her spirit somehow became attached to her Harrow deck, her favorite method of fortunetelling. She warns that she has forseen a dark future for Korvosa, but believes that heroes like the party can rise to the challenge and save it.

Edge of Anarchy, Part 1
A Harrowing Time

Four strangers receive a mysterious summons to the home of the Varisian fortuneteller Zellara, who claims to have information on their mutual enemy, the petty crimelord Gaedren Lamm. They arrive at the appointed hour to find the house empty, with bread and wine on the table and a note from Zellara promising she would return shortly.

While they wait, the four introduce themselves to one another: Alcides Lucas, a human brawler, tailor, and former Korvosan Guard; Aishi Caumlo, a human bard raised in the streets of Korvosa; Viggeri Oturo, a human fighter and current guard member; and Nom the Wise, a human(?) wizard (pipesmoker?) with a mysterious past. Each of them have been wronged by Gaedren in some fashion and all hope to see justice done to him.

When Zellara finally joins them, she reveals that Gaedren Lamm murdered her son after he tried to recover an item stolen from her. The fortuneteller says that she has located Lamm’s hideout at an abandoned fishery, but can’t risk approaching the Guard because their slow-moving bureaucracy is likely to give Gaedren time to escape. So instead, she used the divining powers of her Harrow deck to learn of others wronged by him and gathered them here. She implores the party to exact justice on the crimelord. Before they go, she performs a Harrow reading for the party, predicting both unexpected opportunity and mass chaos in the near future.

The party approaches the fishery at night, with Viggeri stealthily scoping out the place through cracks in the boarded windows. He spies groups of street urchins being bossed around by a scary looking gnome. Aishi confirms that this is the place: the gnome, Hookshanks Grueller, is one of Gaedren’s crew.

Retreating to form a plan, the group decides to convene at The Sticky Mermaid, infamous local tavern and Aishi’s current home. They settle on infiltrating the fishery at night via the river. Finding a local fisher and bribing a local fisher, the party gains a boat and floats towards their unsuspecting enemy.

They find the fishery in a state of momentary peace. Most of Gaedren’s thugs are away or asleep. Only Gaedren’s psychotic enforcer, the half-orc Giggles and his dog Blue, are awake and keeping a lookout. The party scales the side of a ramshackle ship attached to the fishery, battle a nest of drain spiders, before stumbling into Gaedren’s hiding place.

The old criminal confronts the party, holding Emiline, Alcides’ young and missing friend, hostage. He had apparently been attempting to make her into one of his Lambs, punishing her by forcing her to sleep inside a storage chest at the foot of his bed. Gaedren tries to negotiate with the party, but when they won’t make a deal, he fires a crossbow bolt into his crocodile pet to enrage the beast and tries to escape.

Viggeri closes off Gaedren’s route, however, when he cuts the rope he was climbing with an expert shot. Now trapped, Gaedren calls for his allies and the fight is on. Alcides rescues Emiline before grappling and pinning Gaedren. Nom is almost killed when the crocodile attacks him, but Aishi is able to distract the creature with her sexy bard dancing. Viggeri slays Giggles with a decisive blow from his greatsword, but Alcides is starting to take serious wounds from Hookshanks and Gaedren.

In an act of desperation, the brawler tosses Gaedren into the pool with his crocodile. The cantankerous beast snatches the crime boss in its jaws and drags him into the darkness. Fascinated with this new tactic, Alcides also throws Hookshanks into the water as well.

During the battle, Nom, already well out of spells and mysteriously without a ranged weapon, decides now is the perfect time to go exploring. He walks into Gaedren’s room and finds Senna, a half-elf cleric of Iomedae tied to a chair, showing signs of torture. The wizard frees her before rummaging through the contents of the room. Senna takes up sword and shield and joins the fray. With her healing magic added, the party is too much for the remainder of Gaedren’s thugs, who either die or surrender in short order.

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