Curse of the Crimson Throne

Edge of Anarchy, Part 3

Long Live the Queen and All the World's Meat

After leaving Zellara’s home, the party travels to Citadel Volshyenek, the headquarters of the City Guard. Delivering Lamm’s last living henchman, a psychotic gnome named Hookshanks Gruller, our heroes were brought into the office of Field Marshall Cressida Kroft, the leader of the Guard. After berating Viggeri for his vigilante actions, she congratulates the party on unofficially removing Gaedren Lamm from the streets of Korvosa. She also recognizes the brooch carried by Aishi and tells the party that it has been reported as stolen. The queen was offering a hefty reward for its return.

After being debriefed, the party heads to Castle Korvosa, a sinister edifice built upon an ancient pyramid and the seat of the city’s rulers. Telling the guards that they had the queen’s missing brooch, the party is quickly introduced to Sabina Merrin, the queen’s handmaiden and personal bodyguard. Sabina dismisses the guards and leads the party to the throne room.

Queen Ileosa Arabasti, veiled in mourning black, sits on the Crimson Throne, but otherwise, the room is empty. The young queen, her eyes red from crying, apologizes for her appearance and praises the heroes for returning her brooch, describing it as a symbol of hope in these trying times. She urges the party to return to Citadel Volshyenek and offer their services to the City Guard. She believes their example could restore order in the troubled city.

Turning down protection from the Korvosan Guard, the heroes return to the turbulent streets. In the streets, they encounter a diseased mad man, a sky battle between imps and violet housedrakes native to Korvosa, and a young nobleman being threatened by a group of rioters. Alcides steps forward to try and intimidate the thugs into leaving, but it starts a fist fight that the party easily wins. The young noble, Amin Jalento, thanks them for their intervention and offers them a small reward.

Upon returning to the headquarters of the guard, Field Marshall Croft hires the party to capture Verik Vancaskerkin, a deserter that led several of his guardsmen to set up a free butcher’s shop for the poor. The party learns that Vancaskerkin’s men were hiring themselves out as mercenaries called the Cow Hammer Boys. Posing as a potential customer, Aishi hires the men to take care of an ex-husband, giving them the address for Zellara’s house.

The party lay waiting for them. Easily dispatching the two thugs sent, they returned to All the World’s Meat and finished off the remainders, cornering Vancaskerkin in his office and forcing him to surrender. After the fight, Verik explains that he was inspired to desert and rebel by his secret lover, a Vudra woman named Meliya. Looting the butcher shop, they find a mysterious silver dagger, a gift to Verik from Meliya. Oddly, the dagger is magical, but the party could not discern what the magic did.

On their way back to Citadel Volshyenek, the party encounters Grau Soldado, a drunken member of the City Guard. Viggeri recognizes him as highly respected, and so the party agrees to drink with him until he passes out. They bring him back to the Citadel to sober up.


Koan Koan

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